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Guy Van Heygen

Guy Van Heygen
Videography & Expeditions

Guy has been keeping and breeding reptiles and amphibians since the late seventies and was one of the first to mass produce several species of poison arrow frogs, one of them being Phyllobates vittatus. For years he was one of the authorities on breeding poison arrow frogs in Europe with a collection of over 50 species. A trip to Seychelles awakened his interest in reptiles and more specific Archaius tigris, the only Chameleon species of the islands. In early 2000, Guy became involved in the Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles, one of the Exo Terra conservation projects, where he took care of the many giant tortoises on Silhouette island. Today, Guy is the cameraman that documented all the Exo Terra expeditions with a fully equipped studio at Exo Terra Basecamp in Mechelen, Belgium. Recently he started another breeding project with many South American frog species.

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3er descubrimiento de una nueva especie durante expedición