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Thank You Exo Terra

In 2011, Rolf C Hagen Inc. provided the Indian River Reptile Zoo - Canada’s only Accredited Reptile Facility - with a sponsorship donation under the Zoo’s Registered Charity Number 80522-2253-RR0001.
This funding included certain Exo Terra products that were utilized for a conservation project at the Indian River Reptile Zoo. This joint effort with Hagen and Curator Bry Loyst has achieved greater success than anticipated.


The Exo Terra Incubator (PT2499) was instrumental in the captive reproduction of the Black Breasted Leaf turtle (Geoemyda spengleri). A small, charismatic turtle species in rapid decline in Southeast Asia, and listed under the “Species Survival Plan” (a master plan enacted by Accredited Zoos to establish and maintain genetic diversity and save the worlds species).  In October 2011, the Indian River Reptile Zoo achieved its first captive reproduction of this species in the zoo’s history, and is waiting on verification to confirm this to be the first Black breasted leaf turtle second generation to be hatched in captivity.

Indian River Reptile Zoo

“The incubator was easy to use, precise and consistent in temperature and humidity levels, and has a viewing window which we positioned in a way so our viewing public could watch the progress of the egg.“  Said Kyle O’Grady, Assistant Curator, Indian River Reptile Zoo, who was group leader on this project. “It was a very exciting process and the product passed with flying colours. This will help to establish genetic diversity for the species and could potentially assist in re-establishing wild population.”

The Indian River Reptile Zoo would like to extend warm and sincere thanks to Hagen and Exo Terra for their support in helping our facility to aid in the conservation of this endangered species.

Kind regards,

Bry Loyst, Curator,
Indian River Reptile Zoo
Canada's Only Accredited Reptile Zoo
Registered Non-Profit # 80522 2253 RR0001

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